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Norton 360 Setup

Download and Install Norton setup on your Device, available on all devices, Get Started Now.

Why Choose Us?

Security on Click

Once Norton is working on your device, You do not need to worry about anything. You are ready to go with the background security.

Web Security

You will always be secured even when you are working or browsing online. You do not need to worry about anything at all. No unwanted pop ups or auto downloads.

Not Data Limits

Updated over the Air, now you do not need to worry about the anything, just keep working and norton is working in background.

Safety and Security

Even if you are working online and using video calling services, you can now enjoy streaming without any fear of being attacked by virus to hijack your computer or ransom wares. Norton database is always up to date.

360' Security

Easy to Use

Cloud Security

  1. Go to Norton Setup website

    Open any browser, visit or This website is specifically built to guide you through the norton installation process.

  2. Sign In to Norton Account.

    Once you have visited the website, you now need to sign in to your Norton Account or you can simply get create a new account if you do not have one.

  3. Enter Product Key.

    Now that you have logged in to Norton Account, You will need to type in your Product key, that comes with your Norton Product.

  4. Download the Installation File.

    Once you have entered your product key and other information, Your product key will be verified and you will be guided to the next page. Here you will see your product and subscriptions. You can click on the Install button right next to your subscription information. Your Product Setup will start Downloading.

  5. Run the Installation File.

    Your File is downloaded, now you just need to click on that file and run it. You can manually run it from your downloads folder. You will get a prompt from your Operating system, click Agree and next. Your installation will Start.

  6. Run Norton.

    Wait for the installation process to complete, once it is complete you will get “You’re All Set” on the installation window. Now click finish and open Norton. You will get a walkthrough the window and you will get a message that your Norton is installed and Activated.

  1. Go to Norton Setup website
  2. Sign In to Norton Account.
  3. Enter Product Key.
  4. Download the Installation File.
  5. Run the Installation File.
  6. Run Norton.

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