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Get Started With Norton Setup and Installation

Setup and Installation

  1. Sign In with your Norton Account at
  2. Enter your Product Key.
  3. Select the Install Norton, Your Office file will start downloading.
  4. Run the File, Grant User Control Access by clicking Yes.
  5. Another Dialogue might Appear. Click Yes again.
  6. Norton is installed now will appear once the Office is installed.


You need to have an Active Norton Subscription to download Norton on your PC/Mac to enjoy full features. You can not share your Product key with anyone if you do not have multiple device plans. While Downloading and Installing Norton, You need to have an active internet connection all the time. You will need to have all the required software like Java runtime to run the office. If you get any error while installing Norton you need to search the error code.


can now share your documents with people you want without worrying about the security when you have Norton Installed on your Device.

Nowadays, most of the devices are pre-filled with the Security systems onboard but they are not made to prevent you from high-level attacks and systems issues.

Your Documents and Safety of your Systems is now a concern to us, once you have subscribed to us, Our team will make sure that our antivirus protects you from everything that can create a problem on your System.

Norton has the cloud support integrated and can be used where you want. Norton Internet Security is solely based on the cloud and won’t take up your device space. 

Errors and Warnings

While working on your Device, You might get some errors in a coded form and you won’t even know what it is. If that is freaking you out. It is not even a big issue. Norton is prepared and already saving and protecting you from such viruses. Norton will even check the files that you are downloading on your Device, It won’t let you ruin the system prefs if it has something malicious in it. 


We are not Norton or Symantec, We are a third party company that researches on customer bases. And we use websites for Market Research and valuation.